Proposed Revisions to Draft Local Plan (Preferred Options)

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Response Date 17 Mar 2017
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Ref 2: My second objection is to the Revised Location of Housing both on the Airport of Manston above (reasons stated), an on A1 Grade Agricultural Land.

Why on earth would you even think of wasting this on houses when this prime land can be utilized, now even more than ever, to grow produce to sustain Britain thus creating the need to import less. Instead relook at all the empty properties and derelict sites around Thanet and develope these to fit the housing shortage. It’s a win win situation as the towns benefit from being fully lived in and the countryside is used as exactly that, for feeding all the extra people!

Please see sense, if nothing else, that we have an amazing opportunity here in the Isle of Thanet to be a hub for work, which in return will bring money into the area and preserve the beautiful area we live in at the same time.