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Proposed Revisions to Draft Local Plan (Preferred Options) Featured

Consultation on policies that have changed significantly as a result of updated evidence

Closed 19 Jan 2017 17 Mar 2017

Draft Thanet Local Plan to 2031 - Preferred Options Consultation Featured

Complete 08 Jan 2015 06 Mar 2015

Ramsgate Neighbourhood Plan Area Featured

Consultation on a proposed neighbourhood plan area for Ramsgate- the first stage in the neighbourhood planning process

Closed 13 Oct 2014 21 Nov 2014

Cliffsend Neighbourhood Plan Area Featured

Closed 06 Jan 2014 14 Feb 2014

Margate Neighbourhood Plan Featured

Margate Neighbourhood Plan Area and Neighbourhood Forum applications

Closed 06 Jan 2014 14 Feb 2014

Thanet's New Local Plan - Options consultation Featured

Closed 03 Jun 2013 14 Aug 2013

Call for Sites 2018

Thanet Council is continuing work on its draft Local Plan, which will set out the long term planning strategy for the district and allocate land for future development. We are inviting people to identify any further sites that may be available for development.

Closed 06 Feb 2018 16 Mar 2018

Statement of Community Involvement - Review

Review of the Statement of Community Involvement adopted in 2007 to reflect recent changes in planning processes

Closed 13 Feb 2012 27 Mar 2012

Shaping our Future - Core Strategy Preferred Options Consultation

Consultation on the Councils Preferred Strategy and alternatives

Closed 13 Oct 2009 18 Jan 2010

Planning Obligations and Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document

Regulation 17 Consultation on the Draft Planning Obligations and Developer Contributions SPD

Closed 06 Nov 2009 18 Dec 2009

The Cliftonville Development Plan Document - is it 'sound'?

Pre-submission stage inviting representations on the tests of soundness

Closed 19 Jun 2009 07 Aug 2009

Cliftonville DPD - Preferred Options

This consultation invites comment on the options the council considers can be translated into realistic and implementable planning policies for the Cliftonville West Renewal Area

Closed 18 Apr 2008 30 May 2008